Fitness Marketing 102

Fitness Marketing 102

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If you haven’t gone through Marketing 101, start there. It’ll gear you up for this advanced training. If you have, you’re about to become a powerhouse in the Marketing game and dominate your area. These are the strategies Marketing Agencies charge their clients the most for because they work—they generate more leads, help increase ROI, and lower CPA.


  • Disruptive vs. Responsive Advertising
  • Boosting Posts vs. Using Ads Manager
  • Steal your competitor’s traffic (don’t worry, it’s ethical)
  • The value of doing video Advertising yourself
  • The top 10 Facebook metrics you need to know
  • Custom, Look-Alike, and Retargeting Audiences


Let Loud Rumor take that weight off your shoulders. We’ve helped thousands of fitness and wellness companies increase memberships with our expert marketing and advertising services.