How to Train Your Employees on Sales

How to Train Your Employees on Sales

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You’ve probably heard this… in fact, you might’ve said it about yourself: “I’m just not a salesperson.” Here’s the truth: We don’t like what we’re not good at and we’re not good at what we don’t practice. That’s where this sales training comes in. You’re going to learn how to turn your entire fitness studio into a sales machine. With the right scripts, strategy, and role-play, everyone you employ will have the ability to generate revenue to your studio.


  • Exactly what your employees should know about sales
  • Different training for different types of leads
  • How to role-play, practice, and overcome objections
  • Short, daily training (your new step-by-step process)
  • Overcome employee objections to sales training (it’ll happen)
  • Knowing when your team has their scripts down
  • The Dog vs. Bear role-play game your team will love


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