Instagram Ads Training

Instagram Ads Training

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Jenny lives within a 5-mile radius of your fitness studio and, in the 53-minutes she spends on Instagram each day, she clicks on an offer for a free week of workouts. The question is, did she click on your ad, or someone else's? This training will help you dominate your 5-mile radius and show you how to drive in more leads and target an average of 50,000 people near your studio. With this start-to-finish Instagram Ads course, your offer will be the one Jenny clicks on.


  • Maximize your qualified lead count with retargeting audiences
  • 6 step-by-step training videos
  • How to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • Keys to organizing and optimizing your campaigns and ad sets
  • A complete start-to-finish screenshare


Let Loud Rumor take that weight off your shoulders. We’ve helped thousands of fitness and wellness companies increase memberships with our expert marketing and advertising services.